912 Properties LLC Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how 912 Properties LLC in New Jersey uses and secures the
information that it collects when you use this website. We will only use the information that is
necessary to provide you with the best possible service and to protect your privacy.

TCPA & Registration Terms:

You acknowledge that we may send you emails, or telephone calls related to the operation of this
website and its related services. You also confirm that the number provided is your actual cell
phone number. If you register on our website, you consent to receive automated telephone calls
and/or text messages from us or our participating lenders and or affiliates. These calls and/or text
messages are only made on behalf of 912 Properties and its affiliates and are not intended for
telemarketing purposes.

Terms & Conditions:

By accessing this website, you are agreeing to the terms of use.
If you do not wish to receive email, call, or text message from us, then please do not register.

What we collect:

We collect certain information when you register to use this website. This includes your name,
email address, city, state, gender, and IP address.
What we do with the information:
We use this information to contact you about a property or provide you with helpful information
about a particular transaction.

Internal record keeping:

We may also use the information that we collect to contact you by phone, email, or mail. We will
not sell your information to third-party advertisers.
We may use the information we receive to improve our products and/or services. We may also
use it to contact you about special offers and other information that we think you may find


912 Properties LLC takes the necessary steps to ensure that the information that we collect is

Links to other websites:

912 Properties LLC has links to other websites. However, we do not control over the content of
these sites, and we cannot be responsible for the privacy policies of these sites and their linked

Deletion Request Rights:

You have the right to request 912 Properties LLC to remove any of the personal information that
it collects from you. We will only do so after receiving and confirming your request.
The California Privacy Act (CCPA) provides consumers with a variety of rights when it comes
to the use of their personal information.
You have the right to request to know the information that we collect about you over the past
twelve months. This information will be disclosed to you once we have received and confirmed
your request. Depending on the reason for the collection of your personal information, we may
disclose it to third parties.
To request a verifiable consumer request, please send an e-mail to Info@912properties LC.com
or call us at 912 Properties LLC at 908-739-6009. You may also request to have your personal
information removed from our records by sending a verifiable request to us.
A verifiable consumer request is only made twice within a 12-month period. The request must
contain enough information to allow us to reasonably verify that the individual submitting it is
the person who has provided us with the requested information.
We cannot provide or respond to your request if we cannot verify the identity or the authority to
provide the requested information.
Creating an account with us does not require you to provide us with sensitive personal
information. As a result, we will not provide your social security number or credit card numbers
to us.
If we receive a verifiable consumer request more than 40 days after its receipt, we will provide a
written response within 90 days.
Any disclosure we provide will only be made during the twelve-month period preceding a
verifiable consumer request. Generally, we will provide a response that explains the reasons why
we cannot fulfill a request and what type of format we will use to store and protect the requested
If at any time, we decide to sell or otherwise handle your personal information, we will inform
you of the reason why we are selling or otherwise processing your information.
If you have a right under the CCPA, we will not charge you different prices or provide you with
different levels of goods or services. We may also ask you to pay a different price or provide a
different level of goods or services.
However, we may also offer you financial incentives that can result in different prices or quality
levels. These are permitted under the CCPA and are subject to written terms and conditions.

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